Our missions

Inspire and create a better future together

guarantee quality

We are motivated by the design and quality of each garment in order to guarantee you unique pieces that last over time. It is for this reason that we invest time in the development of each collection through design, the choice of our partners, the selection of materials while promoting innovation and creativity.

Inspire our community

We are committed to offering our community alternatives for more sustainable fashion. We try to encourage each of our clients to become aware of their choices and their impacts through positive and realistic communication.

Furthermore, we want to be as close as possible to our customers by promoting sharing and exchange for continuous and unfussy improvement.

Preserve the planet

Every garment made has an impact on the planet and our responsibility is to minimize it. Thus, we strive to set up a transparent and as sustainable value chain as possible. We do our best to develop solutions with low environmental impact and to make the best choices for the planet.

keep our freedom

We are an independent brand and we want to stay that way.

It is thanks to this freedom that we can cultivate our creativity without limits and remain authentic in what we share with you and in the pieces we offer you.

ELLENP STUDIO is a state of mind. Thus, our ambition is to participate in change and to inspire you with our approach and our values.