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For women and men concerned about their clothing style and their planet, ELLEN P STUDIO offers must-have pieces for a new way of life.

With a unisex wardrobe, ELLEN P STUDIO pieces are for anyone who wants to stand out with their style and remain authentic with their personality.

ELLEN P STUDIO is more than a clothing brand, it's a lifestyle. Our collections adapt to your daily life by redefining today's fashion to feel good in your clothes in all circumstances. Thus, each collection is composed of basic pieces that are easy to wear.

Our mission is to inspire new generations through our actions and to transform mentalities about our consumption habits in order to build a better future together. With limited quantities and more sustainable materials, ELLEN P STUDIO makes every effort to act and preserve our planet and offer clothing that makes sense.

If, like us, you have the ambition to change the world, come and take up the challenge and join the #samebutdifferent movement.