How to take care of your favorite clothes?

Our mission is to offer clothes that last over time for a more sustainable fashion that is more respectful of the environment. The best way to reduce our consumption of clothes is to wear them more often and maintain them properly.

We have therefore established a practical guide for you with Hublo , an eco-responsible dry cleaner, to maintain your ELLEN P STUDIO pieces and wear them as many times as you wish.


Our pieces are made from living materials, so it is important to take care of them by working them as little as possible.

  • We advise you during your washes, not to overload your machines and to avoid too recurrent washes in order to minimize the deterioration of your clothes.
  • For a more respectful washing of your clothes, we strongly recommend that you wash them in delicate mode or in cold wool cycle (30°C).
  • Preferably choose a liquid detergent because it does not contain bleaching agents, unlike powder detergent, which is not recommended.
  • Wash your suits and T-shirts with similar colors to avoid any risk of bleeding.


Air drying is the safest way to preserve the quality of your clothes. It is also more ecological because it consumes less energy.

  • To dry your sets ( sweatshirts and jogging bottoms ), we advise you to lay them flat and avoid drying them on a hanger because it is easy to deform your pieces or stretch them once damp.
  • For our T-shirts, dry your clothes on line or flat, it will keep its shape intact.
  • Avoid drying in the sun which tarnishes your clothes due to ultraviolet rays.

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Over the months and washes, it is normal for your garment to lose softness. Generally, we do not recommend using fabric softener. However, if you feel that your garment has lost softness, do not hesitate to add a little fabric softener with a wash in delicate or wool mode, your piece will look like new!

In addition, hard water is one of the major factors in the deterioration of the garment and its softness. To preserve the softness of your clothes, use lime-free water.


Don't panic, pilling may appear! Our parts are made from living materials. To avoid the appearance of pilling on your sweatshirts and joggings , several solutions exist:

  • Turn your clothes over when washing
  • Minimize spin-drying
  • Use a razor or epilator provided for this purpose

Finally, once dried, we advise you to fold your clothes and not hang them on a hanger to avoid stretching the mesh.


Hublo is a home laundry service that frees up time and space. Exit the chore of dirty laundry! Hublo offers individuals and businesses a complete and eco-responsible laundry service accessible in one click. Hublo laundries and dry cleaners adapt to everyone's lifestyle and schedule via an application that allows you to choose the dates and times for laundry collection and delivery. Fully committed to defending and respecting environmental issues, Hublo uses innovative technologies as well as craftsmanship and proximity to support green and sustainable growth. Their mission is to exclusively serve the real needs of customers and avoid any waste.

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Your clothes are like new again and you can wear them as many times as you want.

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