Portrait of Pauline Ebel, founder of the eco-responsible marketplace En-Mieux

On the occasion of our collaboration with the eco-responsible marketplace En-Mieux , we wanted to know a little more about Pauline Ebel, its founder. After years in marketing and writing a cooking blog, she now campaigns for committed consumption without the fuss. Meet.

How did you come up with the idea of launching En-Mieux?

Pauline Ebel: It came during my maternity, I started to wonder about the nutritional needs and well-being of my children. I wanted to find products that meet their needs and make them happy without stuffing them with pesticides, sugars and ultra-processed foods.

My first purchase was an organic cotton bodysuit.

Can you tell us a bit more about En-Mieux?

It is an eco-responsible marketplace , which distributes more sustainable everyday products. There are many natural products on the market, and it is not easy to make a choice.

It makes it possible to centralize these products. For example, an organic cotton sweater, a face cream, a sugar-free breakfast...

En-Mieux makes it possible to consume better and to offer consumers French and committed brands, without having to look at the label. You just have to choose according to your tastes and desires.

Is it easy to find eco-responsible brands?

I thought it was going to be hard, but in reality there are a lot of committed brands, not present in supermarkets!

It's not easy for a brand to establish itself, because many consumers already have their buying habits.

What is your brand selection grid?

We exclusively choose French brands (and production in Europe for textiles).

We are sensitive to companies with low carbon impact, ethical productions and brands that work with workshops in compliance with working conditions.

Finally, the selection is twofold between the composition of the products and the packaging. Some products on the market, called sustainable, can be organic, but ultra-processed, or the product is sustainable, but the packaging is not. The selection is made on the value chain as a whole, ie by taking into account the composition of the content and the container.

In terms of fashion, what do you think are the easy things to do to consume better?

First of all, we have to get rid of guilt, because we also have the right to have fun, to highlight our personality. For this there are different ways to do it, we can buy less often, and better in time.

What is important is not to focus only on the act of purchase. It is important to make do with what you have. Taking care of your clothes with a gentle wash helps to keep them for longer.

There is the second-hand market as well as upcycling (clothing from reused fibres).

A last word to end?

I would like to add that distributors also have their role to play, because they are the ones who offer more or less responsible products. It is up to them to better select the products for a common interest. We cannot only ask consumers to make an effort, distribution must be more demanding. With En-Mieux we offer to do your shopping and shopping with your eyes closed.

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