Elodie Barbosa - Portrait of a determined passionate


Based in Paris, Elodie is a designer in a style office. She accompanied us for several months in the creation of our first collection. Passionate about fashion since always, today, in this first portrait, she tells us about her approach to fashion and the design of a garment.

Of a creative nature, Elodie always knew that she would evolve in the fashion sector. Already small, she liked to create accessories from clothes she no longer wore using a simple needle and thread.

She then quickly understood that the so-called “standard” studies were not made for her. After specialized studies in fashion and a Fashion Design License in Paris, Elodie is now freelance as a model maker for several brands. Patience, determination and application are, according to her, the key factors of success in this environment. But for Elodie, fashion is above all a profession of passion.

ELLEN P STUDIO: What motivated you to get into this business?

Elodie B .: It's the diversity and the multiple possibilities in the creation of clothes. Fashion concerns everyone as everyone tries to identify with one style or another.


What do you like best about your job today?

EB: Designing clothes in which each person feels good.


What are the key elements in designing a garment today?

EB: It's about building a responsible approach. Choose the right materials, in a short circuit in order to limit the environmental and social impact of the product from its design to its sale.


What is the role of clothing brands in the face of current challenges?

EB : The role of each brand today goes beyond simply observing the damage caused by fashion and industry on our planet. It is their duty to commit to reducing mass production and to finding sustainable solutions.


What will be the future challenges of fashion?

EB : The challenge is to find the perfect balance between style and responsibility. Limit fashion to only 2 collections per year as in the past and encourage and promote the recycling of clothes to create new ones, always with a view to limiting their impact on the environment.

We would like to thank Elodie through this portrait for her support, her involvement and her advice in the realization of our first collection. Her good mood, her patience (as she puts it so well) and her kindness allowed us to carry out this project.
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