About Us

Who said having style with ethical clothing was impossible ? Certainly not us.

Our winning equation for a unique and lasting brand lies in choosing high quality materials and creating a timeless style.

ELLEN P STUDIO is above all a family story. Created in 2019 by 2 sisters, Léa & Pauline, who have always been passionate about fashion, ELLEN P STUDIO is an independent and contemporary French brand that wishes to be part of the world of ethical and sustainable fashion.

Our brand is designed and created in our design studio, based in Paris. ELLEN P STUDIO pays homage to French fashion with its collections that are directly inspired by our daily lives. Thus our pieces testify to an evolution of elegance, while bringing modernity and authenticity.

ELLEN P STUDIO is also an innovative brand that wants to highlight the collective and individual responsibility of each of its customers in the service of the environment.

Made only in Europe, our brand is committed to creating ethical and sustainable clothing and being transparent with our customers at every stage of the production process. From the design of our pieces, quality is at the heart of our concerns in order to offer you a range of clothing that lasts over time. This is why each yarn selected comes from organic farming or recycled materials.

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