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After several months of development, our first collection is born and we present unique pieces, made for an essential wardrobe.

Decryption of the Winter 2021/2022 collection

'Basic Chic' is the combination of a simple and functional wardrobe for a modern and sophisticated silhouette.

The "Basic Chic" collection is an invitation to the world of tomorrow. Thought and created to last over time, it pays homage to authenticity and elegance, making each piece highly wearable for a timeless wardrobe.


The "Basics Chics" are directly inspired by the new Parisian style.
A cross between the modernity of streetwear style and the elegance of French fashion.

We have chosen the classics of a wardrobe under the sign of comfort such as the hooded hoodie, the jogging bottoms and the T-shirt. These pieces are reinvented to adapt to the Parisian lifestyle.

By offering a unisex collection, our desire is to offer clothing for everyone.


Inspired by our daily lives and the reality that surrounds us, this first collection presents an evolution of simplicity and elegance to challenge the fashion of tomorrow.

It is in the heart of Paris, an emblematic city of fashion, that our timeless pieces take place.

Our collection can be worn for a coffee on the terrace, a walk in town or even staying at home on a Sunday afternoon.


Originally, the tracksuit was designed to help athletes break new sporting records. Today it is a garment that adapts to the style of its time and has become an essential for any wardrobe.

The 'Basic Chic' collection is at the service of well-being and comfort thanks to the choice of its materials.

The sets are made from organically grown yarns and recycled fabrics, combined with relaxed and flexible t-shirts to bring you softness every day.


This first collection reflects the evolution of contemporary fashion based on a range of highly functional clothing. The pieces can then be worn easily in all circumstances.

The clothes offer "oversized" cuts with studied details such as the slightly visible pockets of the Joggers and the calibrated hood of the Hoodie. These discreet finishes make up the ELLEN P STUDIO silhouette, a combination of a simple and functional style.

The colors of our collection have been chosen to shape a sophisticated and effortless look: black for simplicity and elegance, gray for a more "sportswear" style, beige to bring softness and naturalness and burgundy to stand out. with refinement and character.


Every product produced has an impact on the environment. It is our responsibility to minimize this, creating durable pieces for today and tomorrow.

Made in Portugal and made from innovative, natural and recycled fabrics, our clothes are part of a circular economy intention for a timeless style that stands the test of time.

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